Streamlined Cannabis Pardons now Available for Simple Possession Charges


Canadians convicted for simple possession of cannabis can now apply to obtain a “no-wait” pardon. Bill C93 enables Canadians to obtain a record suspension for simple cannabis possession convictions without the usual wait times and fees. However, simple possession of cannabis is the only eligible conviction that’s eligible for this streamlined record suspension process. Those who were convicted of anything other than simple possession can still apply for a pardon, but only if they meet the eligibility criteria, and the usual processing times and fees still apply. Here’s what you need to know about pot pardons:


Only simple possession charges qualify – This means that you were convicted of cannabis possession for personal use with no intention to traffic.

If you’re not a citizen – Non-Canadian citizens can also apply, so long as they have only been convicted for simple cannabis possession in Canada.

If your sentence isn’t complete – If you have outstanding fines or surcharges you can still apply for a cannabis record suspension, but you have to had completed other parts of your sentence (such as the probation order).


Why do I need a Pot Pardon?

A past conviction will set you back in numerous spheres of life, including education, work, volunteering and even your family life. By obtaining a record suspension, you are able to set prior mistakes aside and start afresh.

Does the Pardon help with obtaining a visa?

The cannabis record suspension doesn’t guarantee entry or visa privileges to those who obtain it. For example, if you are travelling to the USA and you have a cannabis possession pardon, the officials can still deem you inadmissible and deny entry. In order to travel to the USA, you must apply for an entry waiver.

Can my Simple Cannabis Possession Pardon be revoked?

With pardons applications, the most important thing is to stay honest and not to withhold information. If it is found that you provided false or misleading information at any point of the process, your pardon will cease to have effect. This will also happen if you are convicted of a new indictable offence.

What happens when a record suspension is ordered?

After you apply, and the Parole Board of Canada orders a pardon for your cannabis possession conviction, your criminal record will be kept separate from other criminal records. Nevertheless, obtaining a pardon doesn’t erase the record.


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