Looking for a job? It’s hard to do with a conviction on your record

Getting and maintaining your job is an essential part of life. Unfortunately, one misstep can put a blemish on your permanent record and this can have a devastating impact on your career (not to mention the financial impact). Before giving up on your dream job or rushing into the application process, you should know what to expect and how you can put your best foot forward.

getting a job in Canada with a pardons CanadaCan a company deny me employment because of my conviction?

The answer to this question will depend on the province in which you reside. For instance, Ontario businesses can discriminate based on your record if a pardons Canada has not been issued. That said, if a Canadian pardon is granted, they are not permitted to discriminate. In British Columbia, you may not be refused employment due to their criminal record if the crime is not related to the job that they have been hired to perform. The independent laws of each province mean that you could be eligible in one part of Canada but your application could be denied in another.

Details required to reject your application on the basis of your conviction

If the company insists on rejecting a candidate based on their criminal check, they need to provide verified information on these crimes. Specific and sufficient details are required, and it also needs to relate to how their criminal record will affect the way they do their job. If you are interviewed for a position and your application is denied because of your criminal record, you can ask the company to provide information that determines the relationship between your conviction and the position you’ve applied for.

The difference between background checks and reference checks

When applying for a new job, you will need to provide a fair amount of personal information (this includes references). The employer might like to contact some of your previous employers to find out more about your work style. An employer may also do a criminal background check. This is where they look into your criminal record, financial status and they can even investigate your reputation and online interactions.

Background checks are particularly important when you apply for positions where vulnerable individuals are involved. Examples include working with children, the elderly and those with disabilities.

employer running criminal background check on job applicantHow a Pardons Canada can help

If you have a conviction on your criminal record, you can be sure that it will show up whenever somebody does a criminal background check. This is why everyone with a criminal record needs to file for a Canadian pardon. When you apply for a pardons Canada, you can ensure that your past convictions are sealed, which means the conviction will no longer appear on your record during background checks.

Should you disclose your criminal record after you are pardoned?

After you receive a pardon, you might be tempted not to disclose your criminal record when you apply for a job or even for a volunteer position. It’s good to remember that if your criminal conviction is somehow discovered after you are hired, this can be grounds for dismissal.

The recommended approach, when asked if you have been convicted of a crime, is to respond by saying yes. You also want to follow this up by adding that you have received a Canadian pardon for your conviction. Since you have to stay on the right side of the law for the set waiting period after your sentence is carried out, a pardon provides clear proof that you have turned your life around. It’s also important to understand that certain crimes or repeat offences can mean that you are not eligible for a pardon.

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